Neuberger Berman Asset Allocation Strategy for Q3 2014

Neuberger Berman has issued its asset allocation update heading into the third quarter of 2014. Overall, it states that the team prefers equities over fixed income and they are decreasing their expectations for United States government securities and municipals. The research team states that select emerging markets are doing well

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BBVA Sees European Growth Stabilizing

The research team at BBVA (Spain) explains the stabilizing growth in the Eurozone in their most recent macroeconomic analysis commentary. Along with growth, the team writes that inflation has also become more stable in the current economic landscape but says that specific countries are experiencing different amounts of stability. The

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OppenheimerFunds Expects Rates to Stay ‘Lower for Longer’

The market strategy team at OppenheimerFunds has released a new Investment Viewpoints for the second half of the year. The market strategy team is of the opinion that ‘lower for longer’ rates will fuel a resurgence of the bull market of 2013.  Within global equities, the market strategy team views emerging

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BlackRock Investment Institute’s Mid-Year Report 2014

The investment research team at BlackRock Investment Institute has published its midyear investment outlook. It focuses on the extremely low volatility and slow economic growth. The team expects growth to increase incrementally while assets become expensive. For the second half of 2014, the team at BlackRock expects there to be

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Generali Expects Global Growth to Pick Up Steam

Klaus Wiener of Generali Investments (Italy) has released a new Market Perspective for August 2014.  Wiener writes that conflicting realities are causing markets to diverge from each other with increasing frequency.  Broadly speaking, Wiener expects so called risky assets to outperform in this low rate environment.  For year end 2014,

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A Tactical Allocation Perspective from Investec

The research team at Investec Asset Management (South Africa) has released a new Multi-Asset Indicator. Within fixed income, Investec fears that the United Kingdom and United States are due in for a correction based off of interest rate risk that is not being properly priced in to current yields.  Investec also

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Franklin Templeton Emerging Market Outlook

Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group at Franklin Templeton Investments, writes that emerging markets are growing at much stronger rates than developed markets and expects the improvements to continue in the future. He says that Turkey has been the strongest performer during the quarter while India’s market

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MFS’ Global Markets Outlook

Robert Spector, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Sanjay Natarajan, Institutional Equity Portfolio Manager, Robert M. Hall, Institutional Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, all of MFS, have released a new Global Markets Outlook for August 2014. MFS writes that North American central banks are expected to keep rates low until growth picks up and the unemployment

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Franklin Templeton Bearish on Puerto Rican Debt

Sheila Amoroso and Rafael Costas, Co-Directors of the Municipal Bond Department at Franklin Templeton’s Fixed Income Group have released a new Market Commentary focusing on Puerto Rican municipal bonds.  Amoroso and Costas write that the enactment of the recent Puerto Rico Public Corporation Debt Enforcement Act was meant to permit Chapter

Lord Abbett on Emerging Market Debt

The research team at Lord Abbett notes that fixed income investors can currently enjoy higher yields in emerging market fixed income products than in developed markets.  Lord Abbett notes that EM local currency bonds are particularity attractive given their risk reward profile in this low yield environment. Lord Abbett sees now

Matthews Asia Comforts Investors About Chinese Economy

Andy Rothman is an Investment Strategist at Matthews Asia. He predicts China’s economic growth will slow down incrementally in the coming years. He does not see any indicators of a halt to this trend. Rothman does say that volatility should not be a concern to long-term investors though. Rothman states

Federated’s Fixed Income Outlook

Robert J. Ostrowski, Chief Investment Officer for the Global Fixed Income Group and Senior Portfolio Manager at Federated Investors, published a commentary on fixed income. He writes that he has begun to shift his position on high-yield, investment-grade corporate and emerging-market bonds to more balance. Ostrowski recommends investment in short-term

MFS’s New Outlook for 2014

Robert Spector, CFA Institutional Portfolio Manager, Sanjay Natarajan, Institutional Equity Portfolio Manager, and Robert M. Hall, Institutional Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, all of MFS have released a new outlook for 2014. Specter, Natarajan and Hall start off by noting that the bull market has recently turned five years old  and

Nuveen on Asset Allocation during Geopolitical Risk

Robert C. Doll, Chief Equity Strategist, Senior Portfolio Manager at Nuveen Asset Management has released a new investment commentary. Doll foresees three distinct possibilities for markets moving forward: 1. Across the board earnings growth accelerates justifying higher valuations. 2. Uneven GDP and net income growth, leading to accommodative policy from

T.Rowe’s Mid Year Outlook 2014

The research team at T. Rowe Price has released a midyear outlook for 2014.  T. Rowe Price notes that globally, markets have performed better than many had expected considering how much valuations rose in 2013.  With such high valuations, T. Rowe Price investment mangers have shifted their perception of risk in

Erste’s Views on the Markets

The research team at Erste Group (Austria) has released a new market commentary for July 2014.  Erste is neutral on United States equities with valuations seen as mostly fair, Erste expects the S&P to grow at the lower end of a 0%-5% band. Meanwhile in Europe, Erste is overweight equities